August 08, 2012

Panzano in Chianti - Firenze - eat & travel // design & travel

Amazing Terrace View from Panzano

Dario Cecchini is one of the most interesting person who I've ever met in Panzano Village. 
He's creation from 'Antica Macelleria Cecchini' now has 4 different concept to offer.
and People come to visit him from all over the world...
I would like to write here what he offers to his guests:
_Dario Doc
_Officina della Bistecca

If you ever decide to go to Panzano, I suggest you to do an aperativo or dinner at SOLOCICCIA
Via Chiantigiana, 5 Panzano in Chianti - FI
T. +39 055 852727

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