October 07, 2011

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Le Chateau des Saules

Le Chateau de Montvillargenne
The Baroness Jeanne Leonino De Rothschild decided to build the Chateau de Montvillargenne in 1911, close to the Chateau des Fontaines where her mother lived. The Baroness and her mother turned their attention to the town of Gouvieux and did social work.
The architect chosen was Mr. Chatenay. The construction was achieved in 1914.
The impact of regional and foreign styles on the building architecture can be easily noticed through Norman half-timbering, Wurttemberg roofing and Bearn balcony style...
The park designed by the architect Charles Masson, contains a high tower at the entrance of the property that was used as a water tank, a rosebush garden and also a winter garden for orange trees.

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